The big pole mural project: I think we're done here


I just spent this last month in a blur of painting, painting by day, by night, thinking and dreaming about painting… Crisscrossing the city on my bike in search of supplies, feeding myself with whatever takeaway or random stray carrot, and painting some more.

And here we are! I wouldn’t consider it 100% finished but I’ll leave it like this for now. Time to close this parenthesis I’ve put on my life and get back to all the things I’ve put aside for the last few weeks.

This might well be one of the craziest things I’ve ever done, and definitely the largest amount of time I’ve ever put in an art project. Good thing some people trust me more than I do and I’m really grateful for that. Heck I had never painted with acrylics before!

Enough of me talking. Here’s the thing.

Aline Roger